Staff 'Out of Office' Day

Staff 'Out of Office' Days

Every member of staff deserves to be treated to a day 'Out of Office' and what could be better than a day in the woods!
Spend a day with us in one of our locations where there is enough room for everyone to relax and enable staff to acquire and/or discover skills that they never knew they had.
With our professional and experienced staff we can provide you with a day that your staff will remember.

Activities Offered:

Fire lighting and Kelly Kettle

  • Fundamental Survival Skill 
  • Discover how to light a fire without matches 
  • Learn how to build a good fire and 'grade' your fire wood 
  • Sense of achievement 
  • Risk assessing practice 
Skills and Benefits
Packages offered:
We can design your day with your company objectives in mind. Whether its a nice staff day out in the woods or a day with a few challenges or a serious requirement for assessing your teams skills we can discuss your needs and design a day that will meet your key targets.
Charge for a day will vary depending on the activities you choose and the following prices are for a guideline only. We recommend that groups are a maximum of 14 and a minimum of 10:

Staff 'Out of Office' Day basic cost £700 (approx £50 p/p)
Management Assessment Day basic cost £980-£1300 (approx. £70-90 p/p)
Corporate Challenge Day basic cost £980-£1300 (approx. £70-90 p/p)

Offers will be advertised in due course and will be subject to availability.
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