Corporate Challenge and Staff 'Team' Days

Leave keyboards behind, swap four walls for a natural, open, refreshing environment and get back to basics in a 'No Frills' setting with no interruptions 
Guaranteed NO Wi-Fi!

Encourage your team to work together combining individual strengths to produce a positive outcome in the back drop of natural woodland. 

Reconnect your staff with nature and discover hidden talents you never realized they had, one of your team could be the next Bear Grylls!

Facilitating and leading teams from corporate and voluntary sectors is what we have been doing for over 20 years. WoodlandsReconnect provides you with professionally trained and experienced leaders to facilitate your staff day which we have created together to fulfill your key objectives.

Whether its a Staff 'Out of Office' day, Management Assessment or a 'Team Challenge' day we can provide suitable activities and adventures to suit any business needs. 

Click on the button below to discover some of the activities we can offer:
Packages offered:
We can design your day with your company objectives in mind. Whether its a nice staff day out in the woods or a day with a few challenges or a serious requirement for assessing your teams skills we can discuss your needs and design a day that will meet your key targets.
Charge for a day will vary depending on the activities you choose. 
We recommend that groups are a maximum of 14 and a minimum of 10.

Offers will be advertised in due course and will be subject to availability.
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